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    Alconox Powdered Precision Cleaner精密粉狀清潔劑(alconox 1104)






    通過清潔確認測試,用于實驗室合格鑒定和設備檢查核定(plant inspection approval)

    用于清潔:衛生保健設備, 實驗室器皿,真空設備,組織培養器皿,個人保護裝備,采樣儀器,導液管,管道,小管,放射性污染物品,光學部件,電子元件,制藥設備, 化妝品制造設備, 金屬鑄件, 鍛造和沖壓設備,工業儀器,罐油柜和反應器。通過由美國農業部(USDA)認可的聯邦肉類和禽類加工廠審查。通過用于水分析的殘渣抑制測試。

    用于去除: 土, 砂, 灰垢, 拋光劑,粘液, 油脂, 油, 血, 組織, 鹽,積垢,微粒, 溶媒, 化學制品,放射性同位元素,放射性污染物,硅油,脫模劑 

    表面清潔: 腐蝕抑制配方設計適用于玻璃, 金屬, 不銹鋼,瓷器,陶器,塑料,橡膠和玻璃纖維。如果迅捷沖洗能用于軟金屬如銅、鋁、鋅和鎂。建議做腐蝕實驗 

    清潔方法: 浸泡,刷洗,海綿,布, 超聲波,CIP沖洗, 能起泡—因此不用于噴霧或儀器清洗 

    使用指導: 新鮮配置1%溶液(2 1/2湯匙/加侖., 1 1/4 盎司/加侖.或10 克/升)??墒褂美渌?、溫水或熱水。盡量使用溫水。清洗血跡用冷水。用于難洗污跡, 可提高水溫和使用更多的洗滌劑。用浸泡、流動水、擦拭或超聲法清洗,由于會起泡,不用于噴霧洗滌器。用于非磨損沖洗,make paste。使用2%溶液可浸泡凍結的活塞。用1%溶液浸泡物品于鋁制容器中可洗去銀銹。應徹底沖洗—最好用流動水。 重要的清潔、最終沖洗使用去離子水或純凈水。 用于食物接觸表面沖洗使用可飲用水。 廣泛用于玻璃、陶器、塑料和金屬表面。建議做腐蝕測試.

    Concentrated, anionic detergent for manual and ultrasonic cleaning. Free rinsing to give you reliable results without interfering residues. Ideal for cleaning contaminants from glassware, metals, plastics, ceramic, porcelain, rubber and fiberglass. Excellent replacement for corrosive acids and hazardous solvents. USDA authorized. Dilute 1:100. pH 9.5

    Concentrated to save you money

    Biodegradable and readily disposable

    Non-ionic, low foaming cleaner for high performance from your cleaning machinery without damaging washer parts

    Free rinsing to give you reliable results and no interfering residues

    Use to pass your cleaning validation tests for lab accreditation and plant inspection approval

    Used to clean: Healthcare instruments, laboratory ware, sampling apparatus, plate glass, pharmaceutical apparatus, cosmetics manufacturing equipment, restaurant equipment, wine glasses, counters, floors, sidewalks and driveways, metal castings, forgings and stampings, industrial parts, tanks and reactors. Authorized by USDA for use in federally inspected meat and poultry plants. Passes inhibitory residue test for water analysis. FDA certified.

    Used to remove: Soil, grit, grime, slime, grease, tars, resins, fats, oils, blood, tissue, inorganic residues, particulates, solvents, chemicals and solvents.

    Surfaces cleaned: Corrosion inhibited, residue-free formulation recommended for glass, metal, stainless steel, porcelain, ceramic, grout, plastic, rubber and fiberglass. Can be used on soft metals such as copper, aluminum, zinc and magnesium if rinsed promptly. Corrosion testing may be advisable.

    Cleaning method: Laboratory warewashers, water-sterilizers, washer-sanitizers, cart washers, cage washers, spray washers, electrocleaning, ultrasonic cleaners, flow through clean-in-place. Manual cleaning if proper skin and eye protection is used.

    Follow machine manufacturer’s directions and use machine’s powder detergent receptacles. In general, use 1/2 – 1% hot water wash cycle solutions (1 1/4 – 2 1/2 Tbsp. per gal., 3/4 – 1 1/4 oz. per gal. or 5-10 grams per liter—most machines need 2 1/2 oz. added at a typical 2 gal. wash cycle). For manual, soak, circulate, or ultrasonic use, make a 1% solution in warm or hot water. For abrasive scrubbing, make paste. For difficult soils, raise water temperature and use more detergent. Wear protective gloves and eyewear for manual cleaning. RINSE THOROUGHLY—preferably with running water. For critical cleaning, do final or all rinsing in distilled, deionized, or purified water. For food contact surfaces, rinse with potable water. Used on a wide range of glass, ceramic, plastic, and metal surfaces. Corrosion testing may be advisable.

    Size                                                                                          Catalog Number

    Dispenser Box of 50 x 0.5 oz packets (50 x 15g)                                      1112-1

    Case of 12 Dispenser Boxes of 50 x 0.5 oz packets (12 x 50 x 15g)      1112

    4 lb box (1.8 kg)                                                                                      1104-1

    Case of 9 x 4 lb (9 x 1.8 kg)                                                                      1104

    25 lb box (11 kg)                                                                                      1125

    50 lb box (22.5 kg)                                                                                      1150

    100 lb drum (45 kg)                                                                      1101

    300 lb drum (136 kg)                                                                      1103



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